Naruepol Fairtex at AUK MEN

Monday, November 5, 2007

On November 1, I was invited to attend the 1st day of shooting the new MuayThai movie AUK MEN at Sor. Khamsing Gym

it is going to be unlike any other MuayThai movie as it has many fighters that are current Champions and Legends recognised thru out the world ie.

Somrak Sor. Khamsing
Ajarn Apidej Sit-Hirun
Kaoklai Kaennorasing
Charowit Jockygym
Naruepol Fairtex
Nong Toom
Sarawut Lukbanjai

Yodsangklai Fairtex was supposed to be there, but is training very hard for his fight against Farid Villaume

the fight scenes are NOT "wire-fighting" as seen in other movies, but bare MuayThai filmed in the street, Gyms, warehouses and I was informed this will have VIOLENT fight scenes, not pretty ones that look spectacular... it will also have Kaoklai in a MMA fight which I have been told "he has been training very hard for" and allegedly already asked to fight overseas

today they were filming the opening scenes of the "new arrivals" that come to a Gym in order to train MuayThai and become "champions", but things stand in their way

Ahmed (or Auk Men as he is known in Thailand) has been a MMA trainer and ground fighter in the past and is very excited to be given the chance to be the Lead Actor in this film and to train under Somrak Sor Khamsing

Ying Ismalone is the Lead Actress and Producer

Dave Ismalone is the Director

Kaoklai is the MuayThai Champion that has no time for the new guy

everybody was very happy with what was shot this morning (while I was there) and we all attended the Blessing Ceremony conducted by an Ajarn

the filming is to be finished by the 9th December and will be released hopefully early to mid next year.