Naruepol Fairtex vs Trevor Smandych

Saturday, January 19, 2008

The Contender: Asia's first matchup was between Naruepol Fairtex of Thailand and Trevor Smandych of Canada. The Wild Boars won episode 1's competition and the right to choose the matchup. Their strategy was to eliminate the weaker opponents first. So the sent their best fighter, Naruepol to fight the Tiger King's weakest link, Trevor.

This was the most one-sided match I've seen so far. Trevor had no chance. Whatever moves he threw either missed or did no damage. Naruepol gave Trevor a good beating, but enough to get the win. He was respectful and didn't try to seriously hurt the obviously weaker opponent. He held back elbows and it was pretty obvious that he could've gone for the knockout any time he wanted and with whatever move he wanted.